Vanja Matkovic - Marina Receptionist

06 November 2017

Vanja Matkovic - Marina Receptionist

Vanja Matkovic, from Tivat, is a role model for a dynamic development path from one seasonal employee to the long-term member of the marina team – this proves once again that continual work on yourself, through both formal and informal education, is the biggest capital and potential of a young local person to gain a chance and become part of international company in her home town from the beginning of the career.

After demonstrating professional and personal skills during your seasonal engagements at Porto Montenegro, and graduating from the Maritime University as a top student in your class, you got employed in the marina team - how did your career progressed?

My first involvement at Porto Montenegro was back in high school, at the age of 16, when I worked as Corporate Office Front Desk Assistant, while for the next 6 years I worked in the Marina department during summer season. Together with the company’s development, I have grown personally & professionally, with the new assignments being given - it was interesting to study Maritime Management and to work each summer at Porto Montenegro project, so I could benefit of my theoretical knowledge and implement it at work, while also learning more than basics from my mentor. My specialist degree thesis, “Planning and development of the marinas with focus on Porto Montenegro” completed my formal education and now, covering the new position as Marina receptionist, I am continuing with my professional development.

What do you think were the skills that recommended you for this job?

First of all, my desire to work, the ambition to gain new knowledge and improve communication skills - everything was considered as a challenge. Foreign languages are my passion, I can say I am fluent in English and Italian, I can also speak French and Spanish while I have recently started learning Turkish - all to ensure exceptional service is provided to our clients.

You’re only at the beginning of your career and you already work in a large international company - what advice do you have for your generation and overall young people in Montenegro?

Knowledge is the most secure investment in your future. I think all young people need to work on gaining new skills and knowledge every day. In addition, they need to be persistent on their path of reaching their goals and to be strong to overcome all the obstacles that they may face.

In which direction would you like to advance in your career at Porto Montenegro?

Bearing in mind my maritime background, I see myself in marina department. I trust the time spent at Porto Montenegro will continue to bring new experiences towards accomplishing our shared vision of this project.

It is pretty interesting that you are the fourth generation in your family to have worked at the former Arsenal and what is now Porto Montenegro.

My family was part of the former Arsenal for over 90 years - my great-grandfather Mato worked as a brazier and my grandfather Milivoj was the supervisor of mechanical department. The tradition continued with my father Zoran who worked for 25 years as Ship Mechanist and now works at Porto Montenegro while I am the fourth generation and the first woman in our family to work here.